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Jan 21, 2017
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Jan 21, 2017
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Jan 21, 2017
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Jan 21, 2017
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Jan 21, 2017
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Tagged by :iconalichee: !! I had fun chatting with you again like old times, it makes me happy you wonder about my newer characters as well!

1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other characters.

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars

The character in question was:
Delegated Phantasm by AdorkableMarinasimple Lamb Ref by AdorkableMarina

1. Partly due to myself being indecisive and the people around Lambert not getting much of a chance to know about him; I settled on his last name being "Sumthen", a play on words for "something/somethin'"
Example: "Hey, that quiet guy over there- who is that?" "Eh, Lambert Sumthen." It's not easy to remember the last name of a stranger!
2. Lamb originally had facial hair in his first concepts.
Lamb Icon by AdorkableMarina
I decided I wouldn't keep the scruffies due to it being too tedious/impossible to draw each of them indevidually on the tiny animated pixel sprite he needed to become. Idle Lamb - sprite animation by AdorkableMarina
3. If he's not hiding in a corner, he's sleeping. Worry and an overactive mind filled with endless "What-if's" keeps him awake most nights
4. Lambert is the first character i've ever created that was intended solely for a collaborative game with Kuzumm! However, our ideas with a third member of the party had our concepts cluttering and eventually aiming higher than what we were capable of making for our our first game. Now it's just Austin and myself in the works, but we plan to pick back up on the game's story and world later on after a series of short games!
5. Lamb was kicked out of the nest for clinging to his parents longer than expected; feeling he had everything he ever needed at home. He isn't fond of social interaction, yet people seem drawn to him for looking like a pretty macho guy from afar with his towering height, manly physique and piercings. The large "battle scar" and soft-gray eye only raise more questions to his peers.
6. His "battle scar" is from getting tricked into walking into a trap; resulting in getting whacked in the face by a tree branch at full force by his bullies in summer school. 
7. He gladly accepts and admits to chickening out of a fight/doing something brave; but will sometimes give into the pressure of people once noticing they've caught on that he is mentally the opposite of his rugged physical appearance...
8. He can't figure out weather he's more frightened or in love with Zipper Staryth;
( Created by Kuzumm )
Zipper Staryth by AdorkableMarina
a rambunctious, barbaric, yet attractive gal of Viking ancestry who flaunts her muscles almost as much as her gigantic smiley-faced battle hammer.
She's still pretty crazy, some actions even seeming illegal... but being around Lambert has her simmered down enough to reveal a more understanding and caring side of her. (most of the time)

Ask more questions if you'd like! I love talking away about my characters!

Tagging: :iconpompasaur: Pompasaur 
:iconkozakana: Kozakana (?) icon character
ohgod gimme some more time xD

I'm totally getting a Furby Connect in the mail like any minute now I'm actually excited (i'm 21) 

25 deviants said I like cute robotic toys!!
25 deviants said Marina ur a bby
7 deviants said ME TOO!! [HIGHFIVE]


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